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It does not undertake to discuss the theoretical aspect of the subject; that is a secondary matter of consideration. It is proper, however, to inform them, that some of the positions maintained in these pages have been unsparingly attacked, with various degrees of ability, scholarship, and good-breeding.

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I do not see the bearing of his proposition, if it were true. Many cities had he seen, and known the minds of those who dwelt in them.

It signifies nothing that wise and experienced practitioners have sometimes doubted the reality of the danger in question; no man has the right to doubt it any longer. They are but empty sounds for the most part in the ears of persons of not more than middle age.

Such was the specific which the great metaphysician recommended for averting and curing all manner of diseases. For more than thirty years this great discovery, which was to banish at least half the evils which afflict humanity, has been sleeping undisturbed in the grave of oblivion.

I have had the chances calculated by a competent person, that a given practitioner, A. I got along about as far as that with him, when I ceased to be a follower of M. At some time in the course of this century medical practice had settled down on four remedies as its chief reliance.

But a writer has rarely so many enemies as it pleases him to believe. Neither the long incubation of hydrophobia, nor the protecting power of vaccination, would ever have been admitted, if the results of observation in these affections had been rejected as contradictory to the previously ascertained laws of contagion.

The earth shook at your nativity, did it. Doubtless they were a great comfort to many obstinate unbelievers, and helped to settle some sceptical minds; but for the real Perkinistic enthusiasts, it may be questioned whether they would at that time have changed their opinion though one had risen from the dead to assure them that it was an error.

Medical Essays, by Oliver Wendell Holmes

Granting all these advantages to the young man, he ought, nevertheless, to go on improving, on the whole, as a medical practitioner, with every year, until he has ripened into a well-mellowed maturity.

Let us see, then, by whose agency this delusion was established and kept up; whether it was principally by those who were accustomed to medical pursuits, or those whose habits and modes of reasoning were different; whether it was with the approbation of those learned bodies usually supposed to take an interest in scientific discoveries, or only of individuals whose claims to distinction were founded upon their position in society, or political station, or literary eminence; whether the judicious or excitable classes entered most deeply into it; whether, in short, the scientific men of that time were deceived, or only intruded upon, and shouted down for the moment by persons who had no particular call to invade their precincts.

Meigs take such pains to reason so extensively about the laws of contagion, which, on that supposition, have no more to do with this case than with the plague which destroyed the people after David had numbered them. He was also active on the lecture circuit, speaking on a wide variety of medical topics.

Samuel Jackson of Northumberland. William Douglass that is, the writer of these words ; surreptitiously, without the knowledge of his Informer, that he might have the honour of a New fangled notion, sets an Undaunted Operator to work, and in this Country about were inoculated.

The state of things in London is best learned, however, from the satirical poem to which I have already alluded as having been written at the period referred to. West mentioned a fact related to him by Dr. Nicholas Culpeper was a shrewd charlatan, and as impudent a varlet as ever prescribed for a colic; but knew very well what he was about, and badgers the College with great vigor.

Two years ago, in a lecture before the Massachusetts Historical Society, I mentioned this recipe of Sir Kenelm Digby for fever and ague: They are their own worst enemies, and do themselves a mischief each time they assail their neighbors.

The progress of knowledge, it may be feared, or hoped, will have outrun the text-books in which you studied these branches. What he taught me lies far down, I doubt not, among the roots of my knowledge, but it does not flower out in any noticeable blossoms, or offer me any very obvious fruits.

Everything he could find mentioned in the seventy or eighty authors he cites, all that the old women of both sexes had ever told him of, gets into his text, or squeezes itself into his margin. I will now exhibit, in a series of propositions reduced to their simplest expression, the same essential statements and conclusions as are contained in the Essay, with such commentaries and explanations as may be profitable to the inexperienced class of readers addressed.

Once or twice we have found him admitting still more objectionable articles into his materia medica; in doing which, I am sorry to say that he could plead grave and learned authority.

The credit of introducing Cinchona rests between the Jesuits, the Countess of Chinchon, the Cardinal de Lugo, and Sir Robert Talbor, who employed it as a secret remedy.

But these instances are very rare exceptions in a medical practice of many years, which is, on the whole, very respectable, considering the time and circumstances.

Medical Essays by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (The Physician and Poet) Part 1 out of 7. homepage; Index of Medical Essays; Next part (2) This etext was produced by David Widger MEDICAL ESSAYS By Oliver Wendell Holmes CONTENTS: I.

HOMEOPATHY AND ITS KINDRED DELUSIONS II. THE CONTAGIOUSNESS OF PUERPERAL FEVER III. "Oliver Wendell Holmes () was a Boston physician-poet and Harvard University medical professor.

His impressive body of essays includes groundbreaking, highly readable medical essays.

Medical Essays

Holmes' first fame as an essayist came through the medical essays written on his return from Paris, where he studied medicine from to Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes. Oliver Wendell Holmes's first novel, Elsie Venner, has three prefaces, each allowing the reader less license than its predecessor.

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In the first, Holmes describes the book as a "romance," and. Medical Essays, by Oliver Wendell Holmes. The Young Practitioner [A Valedictory Address delivered to the Graduating Class of the Bellevue Hospital College, March 2, ] The occasion which calls us together reminds us not a little of that other ceremony which unites a man and woman for life.

The banns have already been pronounced. The character of the opposition which some of these papers have met with suggests the inference that they contain really important, but unwelcome t.

Medical Essays, by Oliver Wendell Holmes. The Contagiousness of Puerperal Fever Printed in ; reprinted with additions, THE POINT AT ISSUE. THE AFFIRMATIVE. “The disease known as Puerperal Fever is so far contagious as to be frequently carried from patient to patient by physicians and nurses.” O.

W. Holmes,

Medical essays oliver wendell holmes
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Medical Essays by Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.