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There were not many cards sizes during this time period.

Honus Wagner

Barrow came to Carnegie with the intention of signing Al Wagner. Young called my name for payment. Playing mostly in right field, he led the league in with 45 doubles, 22 triples, and a. Plot The exposition of the book is when the first baseball game of the season takes place.

Cards were packaged with chewing tobacco, cracker jacks, chewing gum, and cigarettes SCD. Because of these misprints, a card may have a higher value than the exact same card because of a misprint.

Fun With Honus: An Essay by Scott Parsons

The first real exchange of this specific Honus T occurred in when Alan Ray, a modest collector of baseball cards from Hicksville, New York sought the services of a sports memorabilia company to arrange the sale of the Honus Wagner T He would sometimes split his hands apart on the bat, like Cobb, but at other times would keep them together, depending on whether he wanted power or contact.

The rising action is when jonas is cleaning out his neighbors attic and stumbles across the most varible card in the world aka the Honus Wagner card. These cards are very high in value because of their rarity and because they are some of the early baseball cards.

Some of the major manufactures were: Honus is a famous baseball player that played in But Wagner preferred to stay in his hometown. He raised chickens, dogs, pigeons, and horses at the family homestead in Carnegie.

Honus and Me Summary

When I was almost done getting all the boxes out, I accidently dropped a box. No one but the creator of these cards, there all dead knows for sure what exactly was used to produce these early cards. He often drove a horse-drawn buggy or took the ten-cent trolley to the ballpark, where he would be met by clamoring children.

Most of these cards have been destroyed, but the few that remain serve as lasting icons of a strange advertising experiment which drained teenage and adult wallets alike. Joe is a kid that is bullied because of his body type and also how he plays baseball.

The first baseball cards were made of a cloth like material. In the beginning, god made man. My adventure all began on a… My adventure all began on an evening I was cleaning Mrs.

They meant much more to me than money. According to a story Honus later told, Al sent Honus a telegram saying he had to report that afternoon. After that season, the American Tobacco Company put Wagner's picture on one of its baseball cards.

The second card size was a rectangular sheet of three cards. The History of Baseball Cards Baseball cards have a very broad history.

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 13 ESSAY BY SCOTT PARSONS Value and worth are not dictated by objects themselves—instead, these attributes of cultural artefacts are determined by those who handle them. The monolithic furnaces of valuation crank out worth in the obvious forms everyday: paintings, sculptures, clothing, cars.

But sometimes, value can be found outside these channels.


Honus Wagner: Honus is a famous baseball player that played in He played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and is a tall and muscular person who has brown hair and brown eyes. Honus is a static character because he keeps a positive attitude all threw the book.

Regarded by most experts as the greatest shortstop in baseball history, Honus Wagner () was the game's most complete star in the early twentieth century.

The History of Baseball Cards. Baseball cards have a very broad history. In the beginning, god made man. That card was the Honus Wagner T produced in The reason that this card is so Continue for 4 more pages» • Join now to read essay The History of Baseball Cards and other term papers or research documents/5(1).

The Man John Peter (Honus) Wagner was born on February 24, The son of German immigrants Honus received his unique nickname (a derivation of Hans) while growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Wagner played baseball with his brothers.

The History of Baseball Cards

Honus and Me Essay Sample. Setting Honus & Me is set in Louisville,Kentucky and then takes place back in time in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in I know this takes place in because it shows a picture of an old baseball ticket that said Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Honus wagner essay
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